Domain Names & Registration

Please Note

If you were sent to this page to renew your website, you do not need to do anything.  If your domain is managed by Computer Resolutions, Inc. (Rich Lehman) then your domain will be renewed by us and you will be billed for the renewal from Computer Resolutions, Inc.

Please disregard any messages that you may receive from  They are the registrar and they will send the messages out by default, you can ignore these messages, knowing that we will take care of your renewal.

A domain name is a unique name (such as that represents your website.  Domain names can be purchased (or registered) and renewed from year to year, thus giving the owner a consistent internet presence and brand. 

Domain names are comprised of a name and a suffix, for example:

The combination of the name and the suffix make up a unique domain name.  Variances in upper and lower case do not matter, therefore and XyZcOmPaNy.COM and are all considered the same domain name.

There are several Top Level Domain (TLD) name suffixes that exist, for example:

Since each domain name can only have a single owner, the competition for domain names is worldwide. For any given domain name, you are competing with people from around the world to register it.

Domain name registration is $20 per domain per year, managed.  We will manage the renewals for you, to insure that the domain does not expire so that you don't loose the domain that you looked so hard to find and settle on!  We also insure that the registration information stays up to date.  If for some reason there are any changes to your registration (including contact or registrant names, name servers, or locks) that need to be made, we will make them for you.

We will also assist you in searching for a good domain name for your business, and we will provide several alternatives so that you can make a good choice.

Contact us regarding registering a domain name for you.

Once you have registered a domain name, you will need to "host" it.

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