SSD Hard Drive Upgrade

1.  We "clone" your old drive to a new SSD drive

2.  ALL of your data and programs are exactly the same

3.  We install the new SSD drive in your old system

You will enjoy speeds up to 20x faster at a fraction of the cost of a new computer!

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Every few years the computer industry produces and opportunity to upgrade older systems that is well worth the money.  SSD (or Solid State Drives) have revolutionized the drive market by providing, faster and longer lasting drives by taking advantage of newer technology.

These SSD Drives, are made with NO MOVING PARTS and therefore no not produce any friction.  This yields drives that are much faster than their predecessors they tend to last much longer.

Several years ago, an upgrade of your RAM would yield great results for a low price.  Then, the increase in the chip technology slowed down the upgrade market allowing people to buy faster computers.  Buying a new computer became the way to "upgrade" since new computers included a newer CPU (Central Processing Unit) or Chip.

Over the last few years, the jump in chip technology has slowed down considerably, making buying a new computer less of an "upgrade."

An SSD upgrade actually makes your computer faster than when you originally bought it...much faster!

During this same time, hard drives only increased in capacity, not speed or technology.  The traditional (older) hard drive technology is known as SATA or Serial ATA and it uses a platters of disks that spin at a fast rate and are read by a read/write head.  This physical interaction causes friction which can cause the drive to break down over time.  With the advent of SSD technology, these old drives are becoming a thing of the past!

Note:  Your system must alredy be using SATA (not IDE) in order to be able to take advantage of this upgrade- virtually all systems within the last 10 years use SATA.  SSD drives vary in capacity but are typically smaller in capacity than their traditional hard drive counterparts.  We will size the new drive to fit your needs based on your  current drive usage and consult with you regarding options and pricing.  This upgrade is compatible with either a desktop or a laptop PC.

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