Most corporations spend more time and money on new computer systems rather than training their people on how to use what they already have.

Proper training can propel an unproductive employee into a power computer user who can learn to multiply their efforts by efficiently using the computer and their time.

Imagine if everyone at your office really knew how to effectively use the computer!

Generally the speed at which the user learns, is dependent on the aptitude of the user.   Though we cannot perform magic, we make every effort to relate the computer skills with the computer user, helping to expose the talents of each individual in a way that will make them more productive.

Our goal is to minimize the struggle and the learning curve that people go through when learning how to use a computer.  This is a task that is accomplished with our "person to person training."

All training is done in person and on site.

Corporate Training

Corporate training is available for up to eight people at a time.  Group training is healthy and productive for a group of that size.  Larger groups can be trained in groups of up to eight people per session.

Rates for group corporate training is a flat fee based on subject matter, time and travel expenses.  There are no extra charges for having up to eight people.  There is a half of a day minimum.  Please call us for a quote.

Customized Training

Customized training is available for software applications that are proprietary to companies.  Normally, a fee is required to learn the program and develop a course to teach individuals about the software.  The advantage to the users is a complete and thorough understanding of computers and the Windows environment in addition to the proprietary application.

So, enough talking, teach!

Novice Users

Intermediate Users

Advanced Users



About The Instructor

Rich LehmanRich Lehman is a graduate of Virginia Tech 1989 with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE).   After working for several years as an applications and sales engineer, Rich started his own computer consulting company in 1993.

Based in Richmond Virginia, Rich started off as a jack of all trades and began building hardware systems and doing general consulting.  After working for a year as a sole proprietor, Rich incorporated his business and started to focus his efforts on building software for businesses, designing websites, and training companies and individuals.  His efforts paid off well and attracted companies of all kinds from small business to major corporations including Reynolds Metals and Target Stores.

Rich regards himself as a detail person who does not like to leave an unturned stone - if its not right, fix it!  As a trainer, he likes to analyze things down into their fundamental parts and convey to those he teaches, the true essence of computers without all of the complicated hype.

Today, Rich is a husband and father and excited about life and things to come.  He regards himself as optimistic and an opportunist.

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