Database Features

User Friendly Screens

User Friendly It is imperative that your program is easy to use. We develop all of our database applications so that a relatively inexperienced computer user can sit down and understand how to use the program without extensive training.  This saves you countless hours of training.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design Good graphic design makes a program aesthetically pleasing to the eye. A program that is nice to look at, can be fun to use. Programs with good graphics keep the user awake, alert, and productive.  Color coding, graphic images, neat and clean layouts are all standard features on all of our databases.  We can even incorporate your company logo on all screens and reports!

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Networking Computer Resolutions has developed a Visual Basic™ networking module that allows the user to browse the network for the back-end (where the data tables reside) database and automatically re-attach all tables to the front-end program (where the user program resides).  A system administrator/user will be able to add as many computers to the network as needed based on this networking module.

This feature has been perfected through years of development.  The networking module also allows program updates to work smoothly as the data tables are re-attached as the user starts the program update for the first time - automatically!

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Integrated PDF Creator

Adobe Acrobat PDF documents have become a normal part of literally every aspect of business.  With our integrated PDF creator, you now can have the ability to turn any Access report into a  PDF document without the need for Adobe Acrobat, or any other utility to be installed!

Send your valuable access data out to the people who need it.  You can now email your sales reports to your salespeople, financial reports to your administration, and promotional materials to your customers.

Simply select "Output to PDF" and the system creates the file for you.  

Remember, "integrated" means EASY to use!


Reports The report module is an intricate part of the system that allows for the easy addition of future reports that include simple and complex criteria. Each report will be able to be output in either Print Preview, Print, Excel or Word formats. This allows the user to achieve the highest degree of flexibility when trying to get output from the system.

Once a report has been added to the report module, a single standard report may now be several reports, all combined into one, based on the specified criteria.  For example, a standard "Sales Report" can become "Sales by Region Report" by specifying which regions are "included" in the report.  Other types of criteria may include date ranges, customers, employees, or anything that becomes necessary to properly extract the information from the database.

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Help Screens

Help Screens Help screens are a necessary part of all applications. We can develop a help system for your application that is context sensitive. This means that you can access the needed help topics, where and when you need them, without having to search.  All help screens are easy to read and are worded in a consistent, non-technical manner that is easily understood.


Updates Updates and future modifications to the program are usually sent via e-mail and will be easy for the user to implement. A single self-executable file will be sent and will take less than 5 minutes to update. Also, updates are independent of data, therefore, any updates do not affect the existing data, they simply add new requested features.

Each update is tracked through a version number.  The version numbers are then listed within the database and detailed information is written about the new features that were implemented with each version.

Also available is an "easy update feature" that is very handy for larger networks.  One these larger networks, the update file is installed on the server and whenever a user starts the program, it checks the server for an update, based on the version number, and offers them the option of upgrading their program to the newest version.  This saves the system administrator the time required to go around to each computer to update them individually.

Integrated Email

Need to send an email from within Access? No problem!

We have developed extensive code to allow the user to send email from directly within Microsoft Access.

Email can either be sent from a composition window, or from code that is automatically triggered by events, such as sending your clients a thank you letter after you complete a job.

Form letters are also available, for example: 


Thank you <CONTACT> for your <AMOUNT>
order for the <CAMPAIGN> ad campaign.
<REP> will be contacting you
regarding placing your ad for <COMPANY>.

Becomes this...

Thank you Mrs. Johnson for your $250
order for the Special Olympics ad campaign.
Matt Smith will be contacting you
regarding placing your ad for XYZ Company.

We live in an electronic world, make sure you consider the importance of integrated email!

Distribution Disks/Images

Distribution DisksIMAGINE A COMPUTER PROGRAM that was originally designed for your company that is sold across the country at major software stores. It is possible! If you have a good idea for a program, call us and we can discuss the options of programming your application.  

Also for company wide distribution, distribution disks (available on CD/DVD or Online) alleviates the need for multiple software licenses.  Once the distribution diskettes are made, a corporate-wide rollout program can be implemented effectively and inexpensively.


SecurityMicrosoft Access security allows for users and groups to be assigned certain privileges within a database program.  Computer Resolutions, Inc. has developed a security module that allows end users to manage their own users and groups.  Typically this feature is only available to users with the "Full" Access program installed, however with the security module, these features are available with "Runtime" distribution diskettes.

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Bar Coding

Bar Coding Bar Coding has become an industry standard and is necessary to virtually eliminate human error.  Using bar codes to track items, jobs, etc. not only tremendously increases productivity by expediting processes, but it also guarantees that data is correctly entered and tracked.  Consider the benefits of Bar Coding your application when contacting us about your project.

Access Design

Our goal is to develop a completely user friendly, error free, customized solution that fits your needs like a glove.

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Access Repair

We offer a free repair evaluation, a very fast turn around time, and a high success rate of complete data recovery.

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Web Design

We provide complete web presence assistance from registration to hosting to design to maintenance and branding.

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Tech Support

From fixing spyware and virus issues to setup and general maintenance to training and software integration, we do it all.

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