Repair Sitemap

How Our Process Works

Step 1 - Fill It!

Fill out our Repair Request Form

Click here to fill out the form.  This will immediately send us an email that alerts us that you have an urgent repair job.  Please note that the information that we gather on this form initiates contact with us and helps us to expedite your order to achieve our  fastest turnaround time.

Step 2 - Zip It!

Zip (compress) your corrupted database file 

You should use WinZip or other zip utility to compress the file before sending it to us.   This will reduce the file size, and your upload time, by about 75%.  Only zipped database files will be accepted for evaluation.

Do you have a backup copy of your database?

If so, please Zip (compress) a GOOD backup of your database file using WinZip (just like the file above) before sending us your file.  The backup does not need to be a recent backup file, however it is important that the file has the same data structure as the corrupt database file. Click Here for more information.

Make sure that the names of the two zipped files are different.

Step 3 - Send It!

Send us your file(s)

We will evaluate the file and determine if it is repairable.  There are three ways to send us your file based on the size of your (zipped) database file:

a.) Email via Internet (if the file is less than 10 MB total)
Send the zipped file(s) as an attachment to:

We can receive emails with a maximum of 10 MB attachments.  If you want to email the corrupted file and the backup file but both files add up to over 10 MB, send each one in a separate email.

b.) FTP Server via Internet (between 10 MB and 500 MB)
Please contact us and we will provide the Host Name, User ID and Password for our FTP site.  If you need help using FTP to transfer your file(s) to us then click here and we will step you through the process.  

After you have uploaded your file(s) to our FTP server, please email us to inform us of the name of your file(s), and that you have completed the upload process.

c.) DVD-R via US Mail (files greater than 500 MB)
This requires that you create a CDR or CDRW disk with your zipped file(s) on it using a CD re-writeable drive.

Step 4 - We Evaluate It!

We will evaluate your file free of charge.

If the file is repairable, we will email you a report detailing the objects (tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and modules) that were repaired.  For each table we will list the table names, number of fields and number of records that were repaired.

We will also include a quote for the repair.

Step 5 - You Accept It!

If you are satisfied with the results of our evaluation,
you can accept the quote and make a payment.

We accept Checks, Money Order, Cashier's Check, Paypal or Western Union money transfer.

Step 6 - It's Done!

We will send the repaired file back to you

Once we receive your payment we will promptly send the file back to you in the manner in which we received it as explained above.

We have a very high success rate of recovery and our turn-around time is guaranteed to be within 24 hours.  Most often we are able to repair your database and deliver it to you within 1 hour!  Our goal is to keep you up and running.  Remember, there is no charge if the file is not repairable.

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